Chapter: Widow Taylor

There were many people that helped slaves escape and they were given the code name of conductor.  Widow Taylor is an example of one such person.  Why did she help slaves?

Samuel feels sorry for Widow Taylor but Harrison does not.  Why?

7 thoughts on “Chapter: Widow Taylor

  1. The reason why the Widow Taylor help slaves because her husben had help slaves before he died. And she wanted to keep helping the slaves because she said that Jacob wanted her to keep doing it. And when she said that they had to pay her she laid down a hankerkich and when they placed 5 gold coins she did not what to touch the coins because they where black.

  2. Samuel probably thought it was wrong because all she wanted to do is keep all her clothes. and Harrison thought the smell of her perfume would leave a trail of where they were going. And my opinion would be leave her behind. But the river man did not have to push the boat back into the water.

  3. I like Miz Taylor because she help the black people go to freedom.And gave them food and cider. I feel sorry for her because her husband died because he was sick. So she had to take the slaves to the church by herself. Samuel felt sorry for her because she talked to herself.

  4. They called her a conductor just like Harriet Tubman. She helped slaves because her husband helped slaves to run away.

  5. In the story they say this is what her husband would have done. She wants to do what her husband asked to continue doing. I think Harrison does not feel sorry for the widow because her husband’s dieing was not Harrison’s problem. Harrison thinks if it isn’t his family then he does not care. That is why I think Harrison does not feel sorry for her.

  6. She helped the slaves because her husband helped slaves before he died. She wanted to keep doing it because Jacob asked her to. She really cares about what she’s doing because she wants to make her husband proud. She says she sees her husband in spirit.

  7. She was a kind lady. She was sad lady. She had good food to give them. She cares about what she’s doing. I think that was very nice of her.

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